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The Society is a group of Companions. The goal of the Society is to protect and hide the existence of mythical creatures from humankind.

History Edit

The Society was found by the first Universal and four other Companions. At first, the Society was dedicated to the protection of Mythical Creatures by causing people to believe they were all stories. However, in modern times, it focuses on keeping the knowledge of Mythical Creatures from people.

Society Members Edit

-Connie Lionheart

-Kinga Potowska




-Kira Okona


-Frederick Cony


-Ivor Coddrington

-Hoo (former)

-Simon Lionheart

-Evelyn Lionheart

-Colin Clamworthy


-Mack Clamworthy

-The Kraken

-Lavinia Clamworthy


-Shirley Masterson

-Sean Ratcliff

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