Some characters include,


Connie, Simon, Evelyn

Society Members

Dr Brock, Mrs.Clamworthy, Col, Mack Clamworthy, Shirly Masterson, Rat

Society Trustees

Kinga Potowska:- Companion to the Dragon species. Companion of Morjik. Representative of the Company of Reptiles and Sea Creatures. Morjik:- Companion of Kinga Potowska. An older dragon. Eagle-Child:- Companion to the Storm Bird species. Companion of Storm-Bird. Representative of the Company of Winged Beasts. Storm-Bird:- Companion of Eagle-Child. A Storm Bird. Kira Okona:- Companion to the Unicorn species. Companion of Windfoal. Representative of the Company of Two and Four-legged Beasts. Windfoal:- Comapanion of Kira Okona. A unicorn. Frederick Cony:- Companion to the Rock Dwarf species. Companion of Gard. Representative of the Company of Four Elements. Gard:- Companion

In the later books

Ivor Coddrington,


Skylark - Pegasus (Cols companion), Windfoal, Gard, Argand

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